Unite Milwaukee Building A Community To Prevent Violence

The Unite Milwaukee Anti-Violence Summit was jointly hosted by Senator Harris Dodd and the 30th St. Industrial Corridor with a diverse crowd of over 160 people attending. Mayor Barrett and others reinforced the anti-violence message and helped identify strategies to address violence, including prevention and partnerships. Attendees then generated ideas that became the Blueprint for a Safe Milwaukee.

Link to the blueprint:

Donations Appreciated

Remember as a nonprofit, The Corridor appreciates your tax-deductible donations to help achieve the vision of family-supporting jobs and safe, home-ownership in the area.

Coalition Bacon Breakfast Meeting

Over 60 people attended a coalition breakfast meeting to hear updates on Century City, Esser, M-WERC, and MMSD. Attendees included residents, businesses, nonprofits, government entities, and faith-based leaders to discuss topics of: jobs and workforce; safety and security; urban ag / green infrastructure; housing; and PlaceMaking / branding. Mapping exercises helped identify where various efforts are happening and lists were made of resources needed. We are gathering data from people who did not attend and will then share the maps. The meetings may occur quarterly, as people said they liked hearing and sharing information.

Apprenticeship program

GPS Education Partners now has an apprenticeship program in the 30th St corridor at Capitol Stampings. A collective effort between GPS, Capitol Stampings, Froedtert, NovaTech and BID #37 helped make this happen. High school students now have the opportunity to learn manufacturing skills and earn money before graduating. If you are a manufacturer and interested in hosting a student, please contact The Corridor office.

Century City Update

Red Flag is the first tenant at the new Century City building. The Corridor is proud to have partnered with General Capital and the City on this effort. Red Flag recently completed the Scalerator training from Scale Up Milwaukee and continues to grow tremendously. The company will lease 16,000 square feet of the building's 53,160 square feet of space. Red Flag makes single-use locks for cargo shipping containers, including specialized software to track containers. Benson Industries has leased part of the former Talgo building to construct walls for the Northwestern Mutual construction project.

IMCP Workforce and Exporting

The Corridor works with Milwaukee-7 on IMCP workforce issues and strives to increase exports. Exports can help increase revenue; often exporters grow 2.6 times faster than non-exporters. For additional exporting information and resources, please contact The Corridor office.