Garden Homes Neighborhood 2019 Plan Update


In 2018, the leaders, neighbors and stakeholders of the Garden Homes neighborhood labored with great hope to implement the plan that was released just a year ago. The work of 2017 continued over the last year placing emphasis on actualizing the plan priorities through engaging partners and residents, recruiting new resources of support and promoting the plan both inside the neighborhood boundaries and to adjoining neighborhoods.

The plan released last year came at the culmination of years of work including an intense planning period that lasted all of 2017. There were seven strategies prioritized by leaders and residents who participated in the planning process:

(1) Neighborhood Pride

(2) Housing

(3) Education and Intergenerational Opportunities

(4) Health and Wellness

(5) Economic Development

(6) Employment

(7) Safety

These strategies provide opportunities for residents to lead the change they want to see. Advancing the goals and objectives that make up these strategies would lay the groundwork for leading substantive change for the Garden Homes neighborhood in the coming years and that work of implementation began in 2018.

After one year, there is progress to celebrate. Since a plan is best implemented with partnerships, the coalition of residents and partners have continued to forge positive relationships that foster collaboration. There are many organizations, initiatives and entities who have committed to investing resources in Garden Homes. These investments have the potential to make comprehensive change a reality over time as residents and partners build a robust coalition with the intertwined destiny of a better Garden Homes.

As we continue to move forward with both the original pieces of the plan and the tactical updates to guide activities, we want to thank all who participated in both the planning process and the first phase of implementation. Transformation occurs when committed people employ the best of their talents and gifts over time. We’re not settling for cosmetic change and improvements. We seek lasting change that leaves a legacy of resilience and sets a standard for the coming generations. We hope you will join us for the journey!


The Garden Homes Steering Committee

Download (PDF, 2.83MB)