Garden Homes Neighborhood Plan 2018

In 2016, a committed core of residents and stakeholders came together to deepen their commitment to the neighborhood. Many individuals and organizations were already working to strengthen Garden Homes, but the disparate efforts were struggling to have an impact. After witnessing continued deprivation, more crime that left the people in the neighborhood feeling less safe and an erosion of the values that once defined the neighborhood, people came together to act, plan and make things happen. The result is the Garden Homes Strategic Action Plan.

This plan is the culmination of many hours of intense labor. It took months to research the issues as the people in this neighborhood reconnected to create a plan based on our aspirations and not our frustrations. Dozens of meetings, planning sessions, one-on-one conversations and collaborative projects all came together to form this plan.

The plan includes seven key strategies: Neighborhood Pride, Housing, Education and Intergenerational Opportunities, Health and Wellness, Economic Development, Employment and Safety. In these strategies, lie actions designed to take a comprehensive approach to improving Garden Homes. The actions are designed to make steady improvements that have a sustained impact. The implementation has already begun and will continue for the next three years. The plan will be reviewed and revised annually to reflect economic and political realities as well as considerations of emerging practices and opportunities. This plan is both a symbol and substance. While it symbolizes a fresh start and new beginnings for Garden Homes, it also contains a substantive blueprint for action.

Download (PDF, 4.58MB)