Greenway Corridor

Greenway Corridor – North

The area north of Capitol Drive had 8 feet of stormwater in some places during 2010.  This flooding caused over $30 million in damages and a loss of 250 jobs in a localized area.  The City of Milwaukee and the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD) partnered with WHEDA and the 30th St. Industrial Corridor to use green infrastructure to begin to alleviate the problems. A stakeholder group with businesses and neighbors worked with  MMSD on the plan. MMSD has allocated $30 million to address stormwater flooding north of Capitol.  This will involve the use of detention areas.


Greenway Corridor – South

The areas south of Townsend towards the Menomonee River will use green infrastructure along a 4.5 mile stretch to alleviate stormwater flooding.

Greenway 4

It is the intention of MMSD and the City of Milwaukee to create job opportunities during the construction of the green infrastructure.