The Metals Cluster

The Metals Manufacturing Industry is a $9 billion dollar industry in Wisconsin. By working together, Metal Manufacturers are forming a Metals Cluster to focus on increasing revenue, discovering new local and global markets, to innovate, and ensure increased access to a skilled workforce. The Metals Cluster is made up of any metals-oriented business, large and small, primarily located in the Greater Milwaukee region and ultimately Southeastern Wisconsin. Plus it’s free!

To join, simply email your name to:

The goal of this partnership is to strengthen and grow all metals-related manufacturing throughout Southeastern Wisconsin. The Metals Cluster will do this through the promotion of 4 key strategies.

1. Supply Chain: Stimulate the local economy, do more business between local companies. Resolve logistical and supply issues.

2. Workforce Development: Establish apprenticeships and offer youth tours. Influence educational institutions to develop relevant curriculum. Strengthen the future workforce.

3. Exporting: Generate more revenue from exports. Identify new resources to help expand your global footprint.

4. Innovation: Innovation can greatly increase profits. Learn to leverage your innovative ideas and work with creative experts.

Some firms try to do this on their own, but taking advantage of free resources will help increase your revenue. The Metals Cluster involves joining a group of metal manufacturing professionals for quarterly meetings. Professionals in finance, exporting, innovation and more will be available during the meetings. Learn strategies in your area of interest, identify resources to help your business, plus meet other metal professionals.
The Metals Cluster is 100% free. There are no joining fees or membership dues. Attend meetings at your convenience. To join, please email your name to:

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