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Your contributions help us continue the positive momentum in the 30th Street area. Your tax-deductible donation to our 501(c)3 nonprofit will allow us to:

  • Continue working with the Garden Homes neighborhood to become resilient – empowering residents to improve the park and its programming, to conduct clean-ups, and to establish a strategic vision led by key residents and stakeholders. This complements the housing work and organizing being done by our partners.
  • Continue working with area metal manufacturing businesses to encourage them to do more local business with each other, establish workforce development programs, increase exports, and to nurture innovation. The metals industry contributes $9 billion annually to the economy of WI, and we are working to expand jobs and opportunities in this key manufacturing cluster. This complements advanced manufacturing efforts of IMCP, Milwaukee 7 and City of Milwaukee.
  • Recruit developers to actively pursue projects in the 30th Street corridor area. Through our partnership with UW Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning, architecture students regularly help illustrate development potential and placemaking opportunities.
  • Continue working with MMSD, the City, and WHEDA to mitigate stormwater flooding. The area north of Capitol Dr. had 8 feet of stormwater during a 2010 flooding event. These events are devastating, causing millions in damage, and over 250 jobs to leave the area. MMSD has begun its $30 million dollar investment in green and gray infrastructure to address the problem. The Corridor works to identify opportunities for green infrastructure and get valuable business input.

Your contribution is vital to the 30th Street Industrial Corridor Corp. It allows us to continue working with over 150 businesses to create jobs. We actively encourage investment and new development in the area. It also allows us to provide valuable skills to individuals, so that they are equipped to participate in the workforce and succeed in the modern economy.

Donations can be made online, or by returning the form below with your tax-deductible check. Please support the work of the 30th St Industrial Corridor, and invest in Milwaukee’s future!

Donate Your Time!

There are opportunities to work on Corridor committees, or to help with Corridor events. Some people volunteer to consult directly with Corridor businesses. If you have time and talents you are willing to share, please call The Corridor at 414.217.1769. We can use your help for as many or as few hours as you like.